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Qantas goes red with coverage

Qantas goes red with coverage

The Qantas dispute has provided fertile ground for some great coverage.  If you are Airline Obsessed (who me?) then sample the coverage linked to below:

Corrinne Grant at Hoopla:
Dear Qantas, Youre Dumped

I was so embarrassed over the weekend when you threw a tantrum and shut down. All the other airlines were laughing at you. It was a total turn-off. It was like you were crying into your mummy’s skirt because someone nicked one of your lollies when you had a whole bag of them stuffed down your pants.

OzHouse Alt News:
From a speech by Senator Nick Xenaphon – how Qantas works costs so that Qantas Pays, but Jetstar gets the revenue

You have to keep Qantas flying to avoid breaching the Qantas Sale Act but that does not stop you from moving assets out of Qantas and putting them into an airline that you own but that is not controlled by the Qantas Sale Act. Then you work the figures to make it appear as though the international arm of Qantas is losing money. You use this to justify the slashing of jobs, maintenance standards and employment of foreign crews and, ultimately, the creation of an entirely new airlines to be based in Asia and which will not be called Qantas. 

And at the Sydney Morning Herald:
Ben Groundwater asks the obvious question – Do we really need Qantas?

There’s nothing Qantas offers that other airlines don’t, aside from the fact that it’s a good old Aussie brand, a homegrown success story with an international presence. And that’s what drives most people’s interest in it.

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