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Qantas says ‘F**k you’ to 22,000 passengers

Qantas says ‘F**k you’ to 22,000 passengers
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Anti Union Driven
In an ideologically driven anti-union move this weekend the Qantas board gave the finger to all 22,000 passenger it was responsible for across the world.

By its actions it said “We don’t value any of our passengers, in fact we hold them in total contempt.” and “As for our loyal staff – we don’t give a shit about them either now, or in the future.”

Contempt for staff
By locking out staff who were not even involved in the dispute – including those who had been so polite that they just changed their ties and made sentimental statements on aircraft intercom’s; Qantas has removed the glue of mutual obligation, respect and collaboration, that is required as the basis of good customer service.

How can staff perform at their best when they know that management regards them with contempt and as infinitely replaceable? The only respect the board will be able to call on will be fear based – fear of losing your job.

Throw free stuff at them
Over the next few weeks and month Saatchi’s will be telling Qantas to throw points, vouchers, companion fares, discounts, and whatever at former Qantas passengers to try and revive loyalty. Only, this time, I’m not sure it will work. Passengers now know that Qantas doesn’t really give a toss about them. It sees them as commodities that it can buy when necessary, and tell to go jump when it has a more important agenda.

They might get some trade out of the free this, and complimentary that, but Qantas has taught them well, “If you are loyal to us, we definitely won’t be loyal to you”

Qantas – the “Mean spirit of Australia

(thanks to Kyle for that phrase)

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