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Retro-Roo over-excitement, Qantas club ‘food’ & back stairs entry

Over the weekend I did a quick trip to Adelaide, which I do about once a month to catch up with my family. Club food downgrade Nothing really to mention, except the inevitable drop in the quality of food at the Qantas Club – which I have been a member for 20+uninterrupted years – until recently – but that is another story. I remember when there used to be a queue for the party pies! They seem long since gone, like Alan Joyce’s 2014 bonus. Other than making my own toastie – for which there was a queue (the overwhelming...

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Qantas companion sale – two for the price of one – no, not really

I remember when a companion sale was really a companion sale. Years ago Thai Airways used to effectively have a two-for-one business class sale. Admittedly the sale price was set at the un-discounted full Business Class airfare, but you still got two-for-one. Companion Sale – doesn’t mean two-for-one anymore. Actually, to be honest, it hasn’t for some time. Qantas is having a Premium Companion Sale until 16 October (next Monday) unless it sells out earlier. Prices are not drop-dead-can’t-resist, but they are not bad, although there are date restrictions. Here’s a shot of the samples from Sydney provided in...

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Pilots – behind the cockpit door

OK – I confess. I will watch any kind of behind-the-scenes airline or aircraft documentary, drama, re-creation, or even possibly manga series. My av geekiness knows very few bounds in this department. I don’t find Air Crash Investigation as seductive – maybe that’s because I like to see the successful operation of an aircraft, rather than the unsuccessful. Strange, as my schadenfreude is unbound when it comes to shows like Border Security. FUNFACT: EasyJet uses New Zealand as a training ground, as its geography reflects the diversity pilots will face in Europe – but without the airtraffic Most of them...

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HCMC – Saigon to everyone else

Vietnam was part of my growing up. The Vietnam War was on the TV news every night and on the front page of the newspaper every morning. My first political activity, as a schoolboy in my bright blue blazer, was to join in an anti-Vietnam War Moratorium march down King William Street in Adelaide. I left my Moratorium badge on and got sprung by my mother who happened to be on the same bus I caught home. (She didn’t disagree with the politics – just thought you didn’t need to protest.) Way back in 2003 The first time I visited Ho...

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Welcome to the new 2PAXfly

2PAXfly, like a gay divorcee, has had a bit of a make-over. 

We slung some starving artist a bit of cash and got a new logo, bribed some tech-heads to give us a new website platform, and sweet-talked our way into getting some cute graphics guy to do a redesign.

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