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Qantas Club Melbourne – Access Restrictions

The Bad News Qantas is restricting entry for guests of Gold Members and greater, to the Club Lounge in Melbourne during peak periods (5-9am and 3-7pm) from mid-November – probably through to the second half of 2018. Capacity restrictions due to the planned renovations are the reason. The Good News Well about time, I say. The Melbourne Qantas Club has been looking like the hand-me-downs that the runt of the family gets for quite some time. Watch out if you have one of those consolation prize guest passes as a Silver Member too. You will be denied entry as...

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Qantas companion sale – two for the price of one – no, not really

I remember when a companion sale was really a companion sale. Years ago Thai Airways used to effectively have a two-for-one business class sale. Admittedly the sale price was set at the un-discounted full Business Class airfare, but you still got two-for-one. Companion Sale – doesn’t mean two-for-one anymore. Actually, to be honest, it hasn’t for some time. Qantas is having a Premium Companion Sale until 16 October (next Monday) unless it sells out earlier. Prices are not drop-dead-can’t-resist, but they are not bad, although there are date restrictions. Here’s a shot of the samples from Sydney provided in...

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SkyTeam partner Flying Blue – offering 50% Bonus Miles

I belong to the Flying Blue airline points loyalty scheme. It started when I took a couple of European flights on Air France and KLM, and didn’t have anywhere to credit them. I don’t like letting points accumulate in the ether, so I joined the program. More recently, I have credited Garuda flights to the program. I only have entry level ‘Ivory’ status, so its only the 40,000 odd points I have that I need to worry about.  The scheme is mainly associated with Air France, KLM, and also includes Air Cailin – based in  Noumea, New Caledonia. However,...

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Thai Airways A350 finally makes it to Melbourne

Thai Airways used to be a leader in international travel. Unfortunately – long gone are the days that they had a leading hard product, and their soft product, which used to be one of the best in the sky has also suffered. Like many airlines, it has had financial difficulties, which have seen it peddling an uncompetitive business and first class product for some time. They still have some of the roomiest economy leg room you will find, and of course they still fly the romantic 747’s on a range of routes into Australia. I have a soft spot...

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Air France A380 Engine disintegrates over Atlantic

News sources this morning are reporting the disintegration of engine 4 on an Air France A380 – Flight AF66 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Los Angeles. It appears that the fan and inlet of the engine separated from the engine. The plane descended and diverted to Goose Bay, Canada for a safe landing about 2 hours after the event. Passengers remained onboard for about 2 hours after landing, reportedly because the airport did not have suitable stairs for an A380 According to The Aviation Herald: The airline reported the aircraft diverted to Goose Bay following serious damage to one...

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