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Retro-Roo over-excitement, Qantas club ‘food’ & back stairs entry

Over the weekend I did a quick trip to Adelaide, which I do about once a month to catch up with my family. Club food downgrade Nothing really to mention, except the inevitable drop in the quality of food at the Qantas Club – which I have been a member for 20+uninterrupted years – until recently – but that is another story. I remember when there used to be a queue for the party pies! They seem long since gone, like Alan Joyce’s 2014 bonus. Other than making my own toastie – for which there was a queue (the overwhelming...

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Qantas Club Melbourne – Access Restrictions

The Bad News Qantas is restricting entry for guests of Gold Members and greater, to the Club Lounge in Melbourne during peak periods (5-9am and 3-7pm) from mid-November – probably through to the second half of 2018. Capacity restrictions due to the planned renovations are the reason. The Good News Well about time, I say. The Melbourne Qantas Club has been looking like the hand-me-downs that the runt of the family gets for quite some time. Watch out if you have one of those consolation prize guest passes as a Silver Member too. You will be denied entry as...

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Sydney Airport Flight Delays due to power outage

Due to a power outage to Sydney Airport’s air traffic control at about 5:20 am today (Monday 25 September) all flights whether arriving or departing are experiencing delays. Please check with your airline before undertaking travel today. You can check on your flights through the Sydney Airport website. Check here for Qantas Flights And here for Virgin Australia It is expected that the delays at Sydney, which has resulted in some flight cancellations, and many delays will have a knock on effect to other airports, notably Melbourne and Brisbane....

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Qantas Business Class Lounge – Fiji Airways

Airport Shopping Centres Before airports became shopping centres with runways, Airport Lounges were sanctuaries away from rowdy kids, distressed passengers, and fast food outlets. Now sometimes, you’re not sure whether it is more comfortable outside the lounge than inside. That’s certainly the case at Kingsford Smith International terminal Qantas Business Class lounge, on a heaving Sunday morning. Let me take a step back. Check-in We arrived at Sydney’s international airport a little after 9:30 am for our 11:45 Qantas/Fiji Airways flight. We were running a bit late (curse the automatic watering system and its random settings – a story for...

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Qantas First Class Check In

As first time Qantas First Class flyers (I got two ‘firsts’ in that phrase!), we wanted the full experience, so arrived just after midday for our 3:50 pm flight. The Arrival When you arrive at Sydney Airport to check in for a Qantas flight at the ‘D counter’, you may notice a walled off marble and glass area at the end of the counters, with the simple sign: First. (back in 2007 we designers loved to place full-stops after. single. words.). Inside is a mini haven.  You leave your bags at the counter. (They have those hotel luggage trolleys, and...

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