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QANTAS: Increases extra baggage charges

QANTAS: Increases extra baggage charges

Qantas is raising charges left right and centre at the moment. The latest increase is in baggage charges which joins increases in Qantas Club membership fees, charges for Row 4 seats as ‘extra legroom’, and we all hope finally, increased costs for points redemptions with the Classic Plus tier.

I suppose you have to pay for the addition of 20 million Classic Plus seats somehow.

Oddly (!), no press conference for this baggage charge increase.

people in a large airport
Qantas baggage hall, Sydney Airport, 2021 [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

Domestic baggage charges Increase

From 18 April, expect to face a big increase in charges for additional baggage. How much? This much:

  • Additional bag at check-innow AU$130 – previously AU$100
  • Additional bag onlinenow AU$65 – previously AU$50

Is Qantas not the most expensive for extra baggage?

Well, sort of. For most short-haul domestic – let’s say any trip under 3 hours, yep, you will pay more for an extra bag to check-in at the airport than any of the other domestic airlines. More on Virgin Australia (AU$120), more than REX (probably, but it depends on weight).

Bonza runs additional charges depending on weight and trip duration. It looks like it has the cheapest charges at between AU$58 to $66 for a 23kg bag.

When it comes to longer-haul domestic, say Perth to East Coast capitals, then Virgin wins the most expensive charge at AU$170.

Jetstar, if you buy additional baggage at the airport for domestic trips is going to cost you AU$55 for the first 15kg. That sounds OK, but then they whack you an extra AU$20 for each additional kilo. So for a 23kg bag checked in at the airport not included in your fare, that will be $55 + ($20 x 8) = AU$215.

That definitely makes Jetstar the worst for last-minute baggage charges on domestic flights.

a blurry image of a couple of luggage

2PAXfly Takeout

Currently, with Qantas, it appears that the right-hand giveth, and the left-hand taketh away!

Now, in defence of Qantas, all fares come with a carry-on allowance of 14kg, and 23kg for checked baggage. If you have Frequent Flyer status, then the check-in allowance substantially increases, depending on your membership level. That’s not always the case with its competitors who offer fares with no check-in luggage, and usually half the weight restriction in carry-on.

Again, on the positive side, extra luggage is fairly easy to calculate with Qantas, compared to other airlines, especially REX.

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