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BONZA AVIATION: Now book via their website as well as the App.

BONZA AVIATION: Now book via their website as well as the App.

Bonza Aviation has added booking via its website to the ways customers can book flights. The new Australian ultra-low-cost leisure/regional airline player Bonza launched with only an App capable of booking flights over a year ago, on 31 January 2023, when it commenced operations.

On 30 March, subscribers to the airline’s email newsletter were advised that they could also use the company’s website to book airfares on the carrier. This facility has not been available until now.

a screenshot of a website
BONZA Aviation website now can take direct bookings, as well as the phone App. [Screenshot]

Booking via App not enough

It looks like booking using a single channel, namely the App, has not been enough. The number of sales emails I receive offering half-price and other massive reductions on airfares would seem to confirm that Bonza has not reached its potential capacity.

Bonza operational problems

The airline has faced a bunch of issues, not uncommon for any startup airline. It has suffered pilot and other staff shortages, has had to cancel some routes, and has experienced aircraft delivery delays and re-deployments to other airlines by its owner, 777 Partners, notably with one aircraft ending up in Poland.

Within six months of launch, in July 2023, it cut five routes. Former employees also accused its parent company, 777 Partners, of designing it to fail. The private equity company owns other airlines, including Canada’s Flair, which defaulted on payments for some aircraft. That seems to be at the core of the allegations. 777 Partners denies the rumours.

a group of people posing for a photo
Bonza Aviation uniforms [Bonza]

Aircraft naming policy

Bonza has a quirky naming policy for its aircraft, which includes archetypal satirical Australian names such as ‘Bruce’, ‘Matilda’, ‘Shazza’‚ ‘Bazza’‚ ‘Sheila’ and ‘Malc’. The only problem with this policy is that they will eventually run out of candidates.

You can also book Bonza holidays

Bonza has broadened out with a small list of package holidays, including flights and hotel stays. During the booking process, you can tailor the package as far as room type, insurance, and airport transfers are concerned. The packages look a little complex, given that Bonza might not fly to the destination seven days a week, and they seem set in their departure point.

a plane flying over land
Bonza Airlines Boeing 737 [Bonza]

2PAXfly Takeout

Moving to include web-based booking should broaden the market for airline tickets. Not everyone feels comfortable booking airline tickets via a phone app. Some of us, including me, feel more comfortable on a computer screen where you can see more information on a single page.

This is a good move, as are the travel packages. I hope that Bonza reaps the rewards. Next up, they desperately need a loyalty scheme!

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