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LOUNGE REVIEW: Strata Lounge, Priority Pass lounge at Auckland International Airport

LOUNGE REVIEW: Strata Lounge, Priority Pass lounge at Auckland International Airport
Series: TRIP REPORT: Double Status Credit run to New Zealand

Some lounges sweep you off your feet, like the Qantas First lounges in Sydney or Melbourne, and others just do their job well, without all the trumpeting. The Strata Lounge at Auckland Airport, accessible under Priority Pass, is one of those. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

a sign with text and icons on it
Auckland Airport sign indicating Premium Lounge precinct and Smoking Deck [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]


We were on the final two legs of our return from Auckland to Sydney via Brisbane as part of the Double Status credit trip I had taken with Seat 2B to New Zealand. You can read about our flights between Sydney and Melbourne, my first time at the Qantas First Melbourne Lounge, our flight onward to Auckland, our stay at the Hotel DeBrett and our visit to the Qantas First Lounge at Auckland airport in earlier instalments.

a black marble reception desk with flowers in front of it
Auckland Strata Lounge reception area [Auckland Airport/2PAXfly]

At the Airport

We had just spent an hour in the Qantas First Lounge and decided to try the Strata Lounge, which I could access via Priority Pass membership granted through one of my credit cards.

a map of Auckland airport
Auckland Airport Level 1 map section showing escalator and lounge zone [Auckland Airport/2PAXfly]


Qantas, Strata, and Emirates are part of the same lounge complex on level two. So we only had to walk a few metres between them, although Seat 2B also entered the Smoking Deck, which we mentioned in the review of the Qantas First Lounge.

a sign with a silver pole
Strata Lounge sign naming which airlines use the lounge for premium passengers [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]

Opening times and who can get in

The Strata Lounge is open between 4:30 am and 12:30 am – basically the same hours as the airport. Well, OK, if you are going to be picky, the airport is open 24 hours a day.

The lounge is available if you book and pay, but is also to members of the following programs:

  • Priority Pass
  • Diners Club International cardholders
  • Dragon Pass
  • Lounge Key
  • Lounge Pass bookings

The lounge is also used by a range of airlines for their premium passengers and loyal members:

  • China Airlines
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Fiji Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Korean Airlines
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Qatar Airways

Qatar is interesting because wouldn’t you prefer the Qantas First Lounge if you had OneWorld status? Maybe this cost or feud-induced division will be resolved now that Alan Joyce of Qantas and Akbar Al Bakar of Qatar Airways have moved on.

Paid access is divided into four and eight-hour periods, and costs vary according to your choice of general admission or relaxation room:

screens screenshot of a phone
Strata Lounge Auckland Airport booking costs in NZ$ chart [Auckland Airport/2PAXfly]


This lounge ain’t going to win any innovation or design awards. It’s pretty straightforward. Think Ikea rather than Standard Hotel. ‘Utilitarian’ as a descriptor would be harsh but not far from the truth. Above all, it’s spacious, and when we were there, it was uncrowded, which can only be good.

The decor is in safe dark blue and white. Not groundbreaking but perfectly adequate and inoffensive.

a green plant growing on a wall
Don’t even begin to think those vines are real obscuring the view from the lounge to the escalators [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]

Food & Drink

There is a limited selection of food and beverage choices. The accent is on cold options, ease of preparation, and storage longevity. In other words, don’t expect more than two hot options. This is a low-service lounge. It’s basically serve yourself, with enough staff to keep up with restocking and clearing people’s detritus. They do those functions well, too.

a group of bread in bowls
Bread selection, Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]
a buffet table with desserts and fruit
Yoghurt, fruit and cheese selection, Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]
a group of bottles on a counter
A selection of spirits, wine still and sparkling and soft drinks were available. Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]
a bathroom with a mirror and a sink
Single bathroom sink with Dyson combined tap and hand dryer [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]


The bathrooms are modern, clean and serviceable. Following are some images of the shower area. Functional and contemporary, although a bit ‘display home’ in its design aesthetic. Or am I being harsh?

bottles in a shelf in a bathroom
Shower area, Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]
a shower with a bar and a shelf
Detail of shower area, Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]
a toilet in a bathroom
Shower area, toilet, Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]

WiFi and power

The WiFi is good, but power points are not convenient or plentiful. There is not a lot of built-in furniture which could house power points. They are mostly wall-mounted – so you need to choose your seat location well.

a man sitting on the floor
Soundproofed children’s play area. You will never hear them scream! [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]
a blurry image of a large building with many people
Completely out-of-focus view from Strata Lounge over the lower floor of Auckland Airport [2PAXfly]


The lounge is entirely comfortable. It lacks any views of the runways, although you can while away a few minutes watching other passengers purchase their duty-free or dine on the lower floor. Sorry about the out-of-focus image above – but at least you get the idea of the openness of the airport’s public spaces.

a row of drinks dispensers on a counter
Soft drink selection plus fridges in the Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]


We headed down to our gate at about 3 pm, ready for our next flight. Boarding was meant to commence at 2:45 pm, but was delayed for half an hour.

an airplane at an airport
Viewing our departing aircraft exiting the Strata Lounge, Auckland Airport [Seat 2B/2PAXfly]

2PAXfly Takeout

If the Auckland Qantas First Lounge isn’t at the cutting edge of branded lounge design, then the Strata Lounge is on a lower rung to mix several metaphors. However, it is a perfectly pleasant place to spend your time while waiting for a flight. It had lots of space and was not crowded when we were there.

Food and beverage are above sustenance level but don’t bank on having a substantial three-course gourmet meal. Seating is comfortable, and you have choices ranging from lounge chairs to communal table seating. The bonus is a large, although under-provisioned, kids’ room, on the downside, there is a lack of easily accessible power outlets.

I’d hit the Qantas First lounge even in its present state over the Strata, but if it were the only offering, I would be satisfied.

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