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DISASTER: Japan Airlines A350 crash with Dash 8 at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

DISASTER: Japan Airlines A350 crash with Dash 8 at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

I write to record this catastrophic event, both tragic for the death of 5 lives in the Dash 8, but also triumphant for the saving of 367 passenger lives and 12 crew on board the JAL A350 and the pilot of the turboprop.

There will be a lengthy enquiry as to how the A350 Japan Airlines jet crashed on landing with the DASH 8 Coast Guard aircraft, heading off to assist in earthquake relief in western Japan.

Heroic well-trained crew

From all reports, it was the quick thinking and rock-solid training of the JAL Crew in evacuating passengers, including 12 Australians, from the three available exits that averted a disaster. Amidst smoke and a broken public address system, crew used megaphones or just their own voices to guide passengers to the correct evacuation routes. Smoke in the cabin added to the urgency and is through to have averted passengers trying to grab their bags, making for a more efficient evacuation.

Best Summary from Alex Macharas on the BBC

This report on the BBC from Alex Mcheras explains the safety skills displayed by the JAL crew, as well as providing a compilation of professional and amateur footage from inside and outside the aircraft.

As Alex points out, this is the first incident with any A350 aircraft.

2PAXfly Takeout

There will be a long and intense enquiry to work out what went wrong in this Japan Airlines A350 crash. Was it air traffic control at fault, or the crew on either aircraft, or some other factor? It will probably take a log of investigation, but we will find out, given the thoroughness of Aircraft accident investigations.

For reporting in far more detail, and with video and more still images please visit the NYT or the SMH or The Guardian.

Header image comes from ‘X’ (Twitter) ©William Manzione @wmanzione


  1. derek

    I wonder if composite is like plastic. The whole fuselage melted into nothing leaving only the engines, wings, and landing gear.

    There is phone video showing that the flames could be seen out the window. I once sat next to a militant, fat woman who refused to open the window shade even half way for the last minute of the flight. Next time, I’ll punch someone like that. Ha ha, more likely, next time, I will try to sit in another seat, even having to force my way to sit in a jump seat if the passenger is like that.

    • 2paxfly

      Hi Derek, thanks for your comment. However I cannot condone violence, even when in jest.

      Interestingly, some reports are saying that the use of some materials with a higher melt point delayed combustion in some areas, thus facilitating the escape of all passengers and crew on the JAL A350 at Haneda.


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