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QANTAS: App baggage tracking being tested from today

QANTAS: App baggage tracking being tested from today

A source and Qantas have confirmed, that the new tracking app is being implemented from today. The app now allows customers on some routes to check the status of their bags at points in their journey.

Wisely, Qantas is trialling the baggage tracking ability on routes between ten major domestic airports.

When even tech companies roll out system upgrades that render their networks inoperable, a soft launch of this technology seems wise.

This will give Qantas several weeks to monitor its operation on those ten routes before a more extensive roll-out.

Once tested the baggage tracking ability will be rolled out to all regional, domestic and international sectors in early 2024.

people in a large airport


Virgin Australia commenced a baggage tracking trial in May 2023. The rollout covered 70% of routes via its app by late August. When this was announced, Qantas indicated that it, too, would match this service on its own app.

Online baggage tracking is also part of an overarching commitment new CEO Vanessa Hudson gave earlier this year. In the light of Qantas’ failings overseen by former CEO Alan Joyce, Hudson committed the airline to better customer service. Baggage handling is but one example.

Back in July 2022, baggage handling was the cause of extreme traveller anxiety. A Guardian article reported that one in 10 pieces of domestic luggage were lost or not loaded on domestic flights. Qantas claims this has now been turned around, and ‘mishandled’ luggage is back to pre-pandemic levels.

Baggage tracking

Within the Qantas app, customers will receive real-time confirmation at several points in the journey. Updates will be received when your bag arrives at check-in, during transit, and at delivery to the arrival carousel.

The initial rollout will be domestic, involving ten domestic airports and covering more than 60 direct routes. The Domestic airports will include: Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Townsville.

Eventually, the second phase will see the functionality expanded to regional and international airports. This will include multisector flights. Qantas has not confirmed the rollout schedule of early 2024.

Baggage carousel, Arrivals Wellington Airport 2022 [Schuetz/2PAXfly]
Baggage carousel, Arrivals Wellington Airport 2022 [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

2PAXfly Takeout

Qantas has a long way to go in updating its technology to match other full-service airlines’ services. While the back-end technology to re-book passengers from cancelled flights is an improvement, it is not without its problems. I documented my issues with this service recently.

Baggage tracking will assist in reducing anxiety levels in passengers especially when it is rolled out to multi-destination Qantas trips.

I’ll still be packing my AirTags, mind you.

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