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AIR NEW ZEALAND: New Check-in for Auckand, and planes from Cathay Pacific

AIR NEW ZEALAND: New Check-in for Auckand, and planes from Cathay Pacific

Air NZ seems to be doing gangbusters at the moment. They have new planes on the way with new interiors and are borrowing some from Cathay Pacific which is yet to have its full fleet back in the air.

On top of that, Air NZ has instituted a new premium check-in area at Auckland Airport as part of the post-flood refurbishments.

Auckland Airports re-opened and re-designed Premium Check-in area {Air NZ]
Auckland Airports re-opened and re-designed Premium Check-in area {Air NZ]

Premium Check-in

The newly re-opened premium area for check-in is a full redesign. Its design highlights are timber walls that echo the curve of a bird’s wing in flight. They act as a guide to passengers checking in

After the January floods caused damage to the space, we took the opportunity to completely redesign the footprint creating a better customer flow and installing new and refreshed finishings.”

Chief Customer and Sales Officer, Leanne Geraghty

Air NZ is promising that this is just the beginning of a new post flood look for Auckland Airport.

Borrowed planes with First Class

Air New Zealand doesn’t do First Class, well, until now. To boost capacity it is borrowing some Cathay Pacific 777s to ply the Auckland to USA route, but with some flying between Australia’s East Coast and Auckland.

Don’t get too excited because although you will get the exceent Cathay Pacific open First Class suites, you won’t be getting any special Air New Zealand first class services. Just the same food and beverage as you would in Business Class.

How to fly in Air NZ ‘First’ on Cathay metal.

Auckland to Houston will be the primary route for these borrowed B777s but they wilk akso service some flights between Melbourne and Auckland. And Sydney-Auckland might also see these Cathay Pacific owned aircraft. What we do know according to ET is that the 777s will ply the Sydney to Auckland route on the following dates in November: 20,21 and 23. If you are not sure whether you are booked on one of these planes, look out for the distinctive aqua colour in the photo’s of Cathay’s 777 Business Class seats adjacent to the list of inclusions

Cathay Pacific First Class open suites [Cathay Pacific]
Cathay Pacific First Class open suites [Cathay Pacific]

2PAXfly Takeout

If you are flying on Air New Zealand between Auckland and Houston from November, and on some Trans Tasman routes, you may get the option of occupying a Cathay Pacific First Class suite for the price of a Business Class seat. That could make your trip a lot more pleasant than the usual old fashioned herring bone configuration of Air New Zealand jets.

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