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EMIRATES: Interline agreement with Maldivian Air makes for smooth connections

EMIRATES: Interline agreement with Maldivian Air makes for smooth connections

From today (15 September), you can book flights direct to your preferred island in the Maldives via Emirates. That is provided Maldivian Air flies there. You will have a smooth connection between your arrival at Velana International Airport on the North Malé atoll and your island getaway via Maldivian the flag carrier airline of the Maldives.

Maldivian runs a fleet of ATR72 (70 seats). ATR42 (46 seats), Dash8 200 (37 seats) and 300 (50 seats) series, and eleven Twin Otters (15 seats). They also have an A320 (14 Business,138 Economy).

Malé, Maldives [Adobe Stock]
Malé, Maldives [Adobe Stock]

This will get you to most of the popular atolls via Malé. If your resort is beyond that, then you will find the closest destination below, from which you may need to take a short boat ride, or additional flight from:

  • Dharavandhoo Island (DRV)
  • Faresmathoda Airport (FMT)
  • Funadhoo Airport (FND)
  • Fuvahmulak Island Airport (FVM)
  • Gan Island International (GAN)
  • Kooddoo Island (GKK)
  • Hanimaadhoo Island Airport (HAQ)
  • Kulhudhuffushi Airport (HDK)
  • Hoarafushi Airport (HRF)
  • Kaadedhdhoo Island Airport (KDM)
  • Kadhdhoo Island (KDO)
  • Madivaru Airport (LMV)
  • Maafaru International Airport (NMF)
  • Maavarulu Airport (RUL)
  • Thimarafushi Airport (TMF)
  • Ifuru (IFU).


Emirates started this partnership with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last year, so this interline agreement to access 16 of the most popular holiday destinations in the Maldives is the next step in that relationship.

The relationship between Emirates and the Maldives stretches back to 1987 when the airline started servicing the holiday destination. There are currently 28 Emirates flights a week between Dubai and the Maldives.

The archetypical overwater bungalow of the Maldives [Adobe Stock]
The archetypical overwater bungalow of the Maldives [Adobe Stock]

2PAXfly Takeout

Honeymoon couples will be swooning over this announcement! It will make the transfer process a little smoother and less stressful, which, given the flop-and-drop nature of the destination, is a definite advantage.

I am yet to visit the Maldives. It was on our list of possibilities for our honeymoon, along with Tahiti. But we opted for a far more active holiday across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador in South America. One of the best holidays I have ever had.

So the Maldives, along with Tahiti, remains on our aspirational list. Both destinations just don’t fit into our budgets at the moment.


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