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QANTAS: QF11 Sydney to LAX schedule change to inconvenience thousands of flyers

QANTAS: QF11 Sydney to LAX schedule change to inconvenience thousands of flyers

Qantas is changing the scheduled departure time of its daily QF11 Sydney to Los Angeles flight on an A380 from 10:15 am to 5:15 pm, according to ET. Now that sounds good to me. Leisurely packing in the morning, head to the airport and spend lunchtime in the First Class lounge savouring the menu’s delights at a relaxed pace. It even sets up the flight well, with another leisurely dinner on the plane and then a good night’s sleep before arriving at 2 in the afternoon, just in time to check in at your Los Angeles hotel. The added advantage is avoiding that awful early morning arrival at LAX and waiting hours to check into your hotel.

Los Angeles Qantas First Class Lounge
Los Angeles Qantas First Class Lounge [Qantas]

Not so convenient for onward connections

However, for those travelling to the east coast, say New York, Washington, or Miami, it’s not so convenient. Remember that you need to allow 2 to 3 hours to transfer at LAX, and it’s a six-hour flight and a 3-hour time difference, to say New York, You wouldn’t be arriving until 1 am the next morning.

Not so convenient.

And it’s not just the east coast. If you are heading to Chicago, then again, you would be looking at a midnight arrival if you are travelling on OneWorld partner American Airlines.

There is hope

It doesn’t look like all the QF11s are changing their departure times. Friday’s flight seems to be departing in the morning at the current 10:20 am, and arriving around 7 am at LAX.


It’s not clear why this change is being made. They could want to reduce the charges associated with leaving the superjumbo A380 on the ground for so long at LAX. We don’t currently know.

Qantas A380 Business Class
Qantas Business Class A380 [Qantas]

2PAXfly Takeout

The takeout for this change is if you are booked on an LAX flight out of Sydney in or after March 2024 – you better check your timings and your connections. If Qantas pursues its usual practice, they will probably contact you with either a suggested solution or an exhortation to contact one of its call centres. The Joy!

While celebrating the greater convenience for those whose final destination is Los Angeles, I sympathise with those who are connecting to other destinations in the USA and Canada. Still, March 2024 is a long time away. Plenty of time to update your itinerary.

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