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QANTAS: Flash Sale for 72 hours – pre-pandemic fares!

QANTAS: Flash Sale for 72 hours – pre-pandemic fares!

Qantas has just announced a flash sale of domestic fares for the next 72 hours ending at a minute to midnight on 13 April 2023,

I’m usually sceptical at these sales, usually, because they don’t represent large savings, are for less frequently travelled routes, or because the discounts only apply to unpopularly timed flights.

I have had a quick squiz at some fares, for example between Sydney and Adelaide – a route I am very familiar with.

The one-way fare being touted on this route is AU$159 one way – which is about where an advance purchase fare pre-pandemic used to sit. At current pricing, this is a real discount.

screen grab of discount fare between Adelaide and Sydney on Qantas during sale
Screengrab of Qantas Website

Other fares seem to be in line with the usual lowest fares on offer if you book well in advance. For example, AU$99 to get you between Sydney and Ballina/Byron Bay between 1 May and 30 June 2023.

The dates of the lowest fares on offer seem to vary but roughly coincide with the May and June periods.

Pick your way through this sale

It’s worth picking through various destination pairs and checking the dates on offer. In most cases they are offering several date ranges at different prices, most still giving you a substantial discount. Here’s another example, this time Sydney to Melbourne where the headline deal is AU$129, but for other dates, the deal is AU$150, which is roughly the same as a pre-pandemic advance purchase rate:

Screengrab of Qantas Website

2PAXfly Takeout

If you missed out on booking fares during the Double Status Credits promotion, now is the time to book. If the sale fare dates and your proposed travel dates align, you will at least be saving some money compared to the fares charged during the DSC promotion.

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