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This is your last chance to book these fares before the offer ends tomorrow.

You only have until midnight 28 March to do it. You need to register and choose between status credits and points. Travel must be between 29 March 2023 and 28 February 2024.

Most of the cheapest fares on international routes have now gone, but there are still some if you ferret around. There are still good prices on domestic fares if you need to book. They won’t be the lowes – those will come out after 28 March, but they are not too bad.

Go to it, everyone – while there is still time!

Qantas Double Status Credits/Points promotion landing page

Things you should know before you book

There are a few things you should know about Double Status Credits or Double Points Rewards before you head over to the Qantas website to book. Some you can find on their website, and others are from my own knowledge:

  • Qantas rarely offers a ‘Double’ promotion of status credits or points AND good sale fares at the same time. Just remember that you are paying for those double Status or Points somewhere along the way. As they say, there is never a free lunch
  • You will know that you have registered by seeing a confirmation on screen and receiving a confirmation email
  • You can change your preference between Points and Status Credits, but you must do so before the cutoff date of 28 March.
  • You cannot flip-flop between Points and Status for different flights – its all one or the other
  • You can make bookings for multiple people – but to get the ‘Double’ – they must be Qantas Frequent Flyer members, and have registered for the promotion by the closing date. Different members on a booking can opt for different points/status rewards
  • You can book using Travel Credits – but you must register
  • Wait period for double points and status to be credited to your account is 8 weeks after travel so hold on to your boarding passes on paper or digitally for that period
  • Bonus Status Credits earned from this promotion don’t count towards Loyalty Bonus, Platinum Bonus Reward, Platinum One Bonus Reward and Status Accelerator/Challenge earn requirements
  • If Qantas cancels your flight, they will move you to another flight – usually next available at no extra cost. In my experience, the promotion travels with your booking
  • You will earn Points and Status if you use ‘Book Now, Pay Later‘, as long as you book within the booking period and comply with all other terms
  • You can use Qantas Gift Vouchers to purchase fares as part of this ‘Double’ promotion

2PAXfly Takeout

For those who want to retain or improve their Qantas Frequent Flyer status, these Qantas Double Status Credits or Points Rewards promotions are the pinnacles, especially after the travel privations of the pandemic.

This is the time to book trips that you were intending to travel on, but earn twice as many Status Credits, or indeed Reward Points should you choose. Some of you, and almost certainly me, will be doing one or more status runs to ensure their status is retained for the next 12 months. There are probably some sweet spots where prices are low, but status credits are high, and if I find any I will advise you before they disappear. However, remember, Joyce the Qantas CEO is a mathematician, so those sweet spots are hard to find.

Good luck maxing your Double Status Credits or Reward Points in this promotion.

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  1. UnitedEF

    Economy is going to take a dump. Not really surprising. Needed to book a flight LAS-LAX in Y and a week out they are not releasing inventory even though the seat map is half empty. Seat map is not 100% but pretty good indication yet they won’t release partner inventory. Arrogance will show up in their 10Q’s


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