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QANTAS: Shell seats for Premium Economy on Project Sunrise A350s

QANTAS: Shell seats for Premium Economy on Project Sunrise A350s

Last week saw the announcement of more information on First and Business cabins on the Project Sunrise A350s to start arriving towards the end of 2025. Now, ET is reporting on the Premium Economy cabin.

New Premium Economy

On the ultra long haul Project Sunrise planes, the 40 seats in the Premium Economy cabin are predicted to have 2 inches more legroom than Qantas currently has on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners. That’s 40″ instead of 38″. Economy won’t miss out on some extra room, but it is more modest – an additional inch, making the pitch 33″.

Shell seats for Premium

The shell seat concept, means that when you recline – the seat base moves forward, thus not impinging on the passenger’s personal space behind you. My first stint in Premium Economy saw a famous rugby captain recline his seat directly into my head and break my glasses. I was leaning forward at the time, and his recline was sudden and sustained. A shell seat would prevent that happening.

Between the two cabins, Premium and Economy, there will be an area where passengers can stretch and move to a trainer on a video screen, as well as self-serve a drink and a snack from a snack bar, in this (uuuugh!) ‘wellness area’.

a row of seats in an airplane
Qantas Premium Economy on the A380.

2PAXfly Takeout

Keeping Economy and Premium Economy passengers on these ultra-long 20-hour non-stop flights happy is going to be a major challenge for cabin crew. I hope that these measures will help to make for more comfortable travel at the back of the bus. Not to mention no broken glasses for premium passengers (see above).

Let’s face it, up in Business and First – travellers will be well provided for both in terms of hard and soft product. The issues of comfort are going to be much more of a challenge at the back of the bus.

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