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Happy World Pride and Happy Sydney Mardi Gras!

Happy World Pride and Happy Sydney Mardi Gras!

Today, Saturday 25 February 2023, is the 45th anniversary of the first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras march and protest back in 1978. Then marchers were bashed and arrested by police.

This year it is World Pride in Sydney. The city is awash with glitter! The police station where those 78ers were held and bashed, is about to be a Queer Museum documenting that event and Australian queer history. Gay marriage has been legal for 6 years (I’ve been married for 4). Qantas has even run a special Pride flight from Los Angeles.

I’m off to see the Parade tonight. Normally, I would head on after to enjoy the Mardi Gras party, but, I think my dance party days might be over. Anyway, it’s been sold out for months!

World Price Promo Video [World Pride]

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Happy Mardi Gras and Word Pride to everyone! I’ll see you at the parade.

a group of people standing in front of a plane
Qantas Pride Flight [Qantas]

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