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EMIRATES: Do you get a shower on Sydney – Christchurch route on an A380?

EMIRATES: Do you get a shower on Sydney – Christchurch route on an A380?

Well, the answer is a qualified ‘yes’, but you have to request it.

After writing an article on this refreshed route, and seeing some debate in various discussion sites as to whether you could still get a shower in the sky, I contacted Emirates Australian PR representative with the following question:

‘On the surface, it looks like this might be an opportunity for travellers in First Class to experience the shower facilities on the A380. However, some reports online say this service is unavailable on the SYD-CHC-SYD route in either direction.

Can you confirm that the showers are, or are not available on the route? Do First, and Business Class passengers get an amenity kit and/or pyjamas on this route?’

Email from 2PAXfly to Emirates/BCW-Global

They referred my question back to the Emirates team in Dubai, and a few days later, they passed on this response:

‘I can confirm that the show (sic) spa is available on Sydney to Christchurch route upon request only. Relevant amenity kit bags come along with shower spa access, so these will be also available upon request. 

Pyjamas are not available on this route as they are reserved for overnight flights. Amenity kits are also reserved for overnight flights; however, they are available if specifically requested by customers.’

Email response from Emirates/BCW-Global

What you do and don’t get if you request it:

So, there you have it. If you request, First Class passengers can get a shower in the onboard shower spa and an amenity kit, but no pyjamas. For Business Class – no jim-jams, but an amenity kit on request.

a bathroom with a sink and shower
The new spa shower

How to book

You can book these through Emirates, or you should be able to book through Qantas, but sometimes, First Class is just not provided as an option in the Qantas booking machine.

A one-way fare on Emirates A380 business class will cost 43,800 Qantas points for business, and First Class is 64,500 Qantas points. You will be up for AU $173 in fees for either ticket class. If you are spending cash, expect Business Class on the Emirates A380 to be from AU $885 and First Class from. AU $1,500, one-way. That’s marginally more expensive than on a Qantas flight in a Boeing 737, but you don’t get the good seat that reclines into a bed, the bar or the shower at 30,000 feet on this 3 hour plus flight!

  • EK412 (QF8766) departs Sydney at 8.45am, to reach Christchurch at 1.50pm
  • EK413 (QF8765) is wheels up from Christchurch at 6.20pm to get you back into Sydney around 7.40pm
a woman standing in a plane
Emirates’ new Premium Economy class on the A380

Premium Economy

It looks like the scheduled A380’s also have the new Emirates Premium Economy which you can book for AU $1,008 on a flex fare one way, or claim with 18,000 classic rewards, but I looked through a few months, and couldn’t find any availability. That’s amazing value since its fewer points than it costs to upgrade from discount economy to Business on a trip Sydney to Adelaide.

2PAXfly Takeout

If you want to experience the Shower Spa on Emirates, then you can book a seat between Sydney and Christchurch (either way) on an Emirates A380 flight – which you can book via Qantas or direct with Emirates. You will need to request the use of the shower spa if you are travelling in First Class, which will come with an amenity kit. If you are travelling in Business Class, then you will also need to request an amenity kit. Pyjamas are off the menu for both classes.

Do I hear two of my favourite words, Krug and Caviar? Should I book? I do have a credit with Qantas . . .

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