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YETI AIRLINES: ATR crash in Nepal – video from inside plane emerges

YETI AIRLINES: ATR crash in Nepal – video from inside plane emerges

This is a heart-rending story, with the crash of a Yeti Airlines ATR as it came into land at the new Pokhara Airport in Nepal, killing all 72 onboard, including four crew and 68 passengers. The flight took off from Kathmandu at 10:30 am Sunday 15 January, Nepal time, for the half-hour flight, with final contact with air traffic control at 10:50 am.

a valley with mountains in the background
Pokhara Nepal, courtesy of Yeti Airlines

Interior footage emerges

In the last few hours, footage purportedly from within the aircraft has emerged. Although it contains no confronting images, the implications of what it portrays are very distressing. For that reason, we issue a reader advisory warning.

Previous footage

Earlier, some external footage of the ATR aircraft appearing to turn on its side, possibly rotating 180º on its horizontal axis emerged:

2PAXfly Takeout

This is highly distressing news and reminds us all that although flying is an extremely safe activity overall, there are circumstances where it can be dangerous. Those circumstances include places with rugged geography (Nepal has 8 of the highest mountains in the world), unpredictable weather, aged aircraft, and not necessarily the highest safety standards (the EU has banned all Nepalese-based airlines from flying into their airspace).

If you want to read some excellent coverage of the crash, and Nepal’s history of aircraft disasters, head to The Guardian and read the article by Hannah Ellis-Perersen and news agencies.

Our thoughts are with the friends and families of the deceased. We hope that the investigation is quick and thorough so that any adjustments required for procedures or training can be effected as soon as possible.

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