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QANTAS: Alert! ABC 4Corners documentary on Monday at 8:30pm

QANTAS: Alert! ABC 4Corners documentary on Monday at 8:30pm

On Monday 5 September, the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) will be broadcasting an investigation from their 4 Corners team on the recent operations of the airline Qantas: Flight Risk: The inside story of the chaos at Qantas

With massive staff shortages, pending union trouble, flight delays, cancellations, lost or delayed luggage, hold-ups on refunds, and a general lack of service, Qantas has received a pillorying on social media and in the press in 2022, as if it is the only airline with this problem. CEO Alan Joyce has met that with a AU$50 bribe/gift to customers, a promise of extended status, more classic reward redemption seats and bonus points for frequent flyers, and improving on-time performance.

Performance decline

Many commentators and the Twitterati accuse Qantas of not caring for passengers, trashing its reputation. That’s a tragic turnaround for Qantas once the envy of airlines around the world.

‘Until recently Qantas had a reputation envied by airlines all over the world.

But now the Spirit of Australia is in damage control, beset by customer complaints and a demoralised workforce.

On Monday Four Corners reports the inside story of the decline of Qantas.

Reporter Stephen Long has spoken to current and former staff including pilots, flight attendants and baggage handlers.

They tell a story of ruthless cost cutting and a divide and conquer culture.’ABC Promo

If you want to see the hoohaa on Twitter – just search #qantas. Here’s a recent example:

…and if you are feeling nostalgic, here is a 4Corners episode from a couple of years ago:

2PAXfly Takeout

I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

I’ll be on the couch with the popcorn on Monday night.

Apparently, Qantas and Alan Joyce declined involvement in the investigation. That’s a pity, and probably why Joyce is out talking to the media today.

I’m not expecting any particular revelations, more a coherent narrative of recent history from the capable business reporter Stephen Long.

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    Congratulations on propagating two falsehoods in one statement.


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