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COVID-19: Australia open to the world soon, maybe Easter?

COVID-19: Australia open to the world soon, maybe Easter?

SCOVID, our Prime Minister has been speculating about Australia fully opening to international travellers, while he was greenwashing his regime’s management of the Great Barrier Reef, which has significantly shrunk since his party has governed this country.

He’s looking at Easter:

“But we’ve just got to get some medical advice further on that, a bit more work to do with the states to make sure we’re comfortable about it. And then I’d like to see us get there soon, certainly before Easter, well before Easter

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister

Australia’s borders are currently open to residents/citizens and their families, plus exemptions by travel bubbles with Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea, sportspeople (except Novak Djokovic) and foreign students, as long as they are double vaccinated. Your run of the mill foreign tourist is still banned.

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Too soon? I’m happy for tourism to open up, with the appropriate testing and monitoring in place. Unfortunately, I’m not confident that will happen. Lets lift capacity first to make sure our own can return, and then have a slow planned opening with propper safety measures informed by the epidemiology, not politics.

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  1. AA56

    Keep the International borders firmly closed. Open borders is why COVID-19 got in.


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