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British Airways: A380 back on London to Singapore from 27 March 2022

British Airways: A380 back on London to Singapore from 27 March 2022

As I have made clear in other posts – British Airways is not my favourite airline, however, the A380 is my favourite plane. So it’s good news to know that the Airbus big bird is back on the Sydney–Singapore–London route from March next year.

The A380 will be replacing the Boeing 777 on the BA11/BA12 London–Singapore service, providing 170 odd additional seats for the route. More notable is the availability of 97 Club World (business class) seats, which is close to double those available on the 777.

However, you will be on a 787-9 Dreamliner between Singapore to Sydney (BA15/BA16) if travelling on British Airways metal. Those planes have 8 first-class seats, but that old fashioned sardine cabin for Business Class (which my husband has banned me from booking ever again), and not the new ‘Club Suites’

Singapore Lounge

Currently, the British Airways lounge is closed in Singapore, with the Marhaba Lounge at T1 Changi being substituted. That will probably change once these Kangaroo Route flights resume.

2017 British Airways Business Class meal.

Executive Club open to Australians

After 17 years, BA has allowed Australians and New Zealanders to join their frequent flyer program. It’s great advantage is a higher rate on earning the equivalent of Status credits (Tier Points) when travelling on OneWorld airlines including Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Qantas and Qatar Airways. It’s also a quicker way of earning Lifetime Gold (Emerald Status on OneWorld airlines) than via Qantas, where you need to reach lifetime Platinum.

Here’s a table of Executive Club/Qantas Frequent Flyer/OneWorld status equivalents:

  • BA Blue = Qantas Bronze
  • BA Bronze = Qantas Silver = OneWorld Ruby
  • BA Silver = Qantas Gold = OneWorld Sapphire
  • BA Gold = Qantas Platinum = OneWorld Emerald

British Airways also has a top-tier rival to Qantas Platinum One, called Executive Club Gold Guest List, and an invitation-only Chairman’s Club doppelganger with Executive Club Premier status.

2PAXfly Takeout

The aviation industry has a difficult road ahead when it comes to sustainability. It’s going to require a relative revolution in technology, with ‘electric planes’ or hydrogen planes, or some form of jet engine that doesn’t require a carbon based fuel. And that is going to require the development of an alternative to jet engines probably.

It’s a big ask. It will take time to develop.

This move to home grown and manufactured SAF is a first step – maybe even a baby step in a very long road of innovation. In the long run, US$200 million won’t even touch the sides.

With my husband banning bookings on British Airways service, It’s unlikely I will fly on these routes, nor swap my OneWorld loyalty program. However, once they upgrade their business cabins, this might change if the fares are priced right.

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