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SKYTRAX: 2021 Awards – Qatar best airline

SKYTRAX: 2021 Awards – Qatar best airline

I don’t have much faith in the independence of the SkyTrax award process, but they are one of the few worldwide airline awards worth reporting so here goes:

Skytrax World Airlines Awards 2021 (2019 placing in brackets)

  1. Qatar Airways (1)
  2. Singapore Airlines (2)
  3. ANA All Nippon Airways (3)
  4. Emirates (5)
  5. Japan Airlines (11)
  6. Cathay Pacific Airways (4)
  7. EVA Air (6)
  8. Qantas Airways (8)
  9. Hainan Airlines (7)
  10. Air France (23)

2PAXfly Takeout

I have not flown on half of these airlines, so putting that aside, I certainly agree with Qatar Airways scoring number 1. And I haven’t even flown in Q-Suites yet!

On the other hand, about no one flew on most of these airlines in 2020.

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