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JETSTAR: Drunk on a plane

JETSTAR: Drunk on a plane

It turns out that if you are drunk on a plane – so drunk that you have no recollection of even boarding the flight, vape on the plane, tell staff to ‘fuck off’, and grab a passenger around the chest, then expect to pay AU$4,000 for the privilege, but have no conviction recorded against you.

The passenger accused of this on a flight between Coolangatta and Hobart in May, pled guilty to charges of ‘offensive and disorderly conduct’ on a Jetstar flight.

The magistrate commented:

“It was extremely arrogant, outrageous behaviour for anybody to vape on an aircraft.”

Magistrate Michael Daly

The Queensland passenger has apparently sought help for mental health issues, and has sworn off alcohol.

2PAXfly Takeout

Given, no conviction was recorded, I have chosen not to name the passenger in question.

I could say, that is the kind of behaviour you would expect on a Jetstar flight, but that would just be vulgar.

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