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QANTAS: No jab, no-fly

QANTAS: No jab, no-fly

Qantas is surveying its staff on the issue of vaccination. The airline is strongly encouraging workers to bare their arms for the vaccine and is offering paid time off for appointments.

The airline is mindful of how just one positive testing employee can shut down a facility. NSW, South Australia and New Zealand already have government-backed mandates for airline workers to be immunised

A national approach is required says Qantas, otherwise, there is a risk of a patchwork of inconsistent rules across the country. Looks like a task for National Cabinet!

The survey includes a question about workers vaccination status. The TWU (Transport Workers Union) claims that half of its membership (1 in 2) is vaccinated according to its own survey.

No jab, no work, no fly

Qantas is not the only airline debating this issue. Virgin is also looking at it, but appears to have more hard statistics. The airline claims 65% of flight crews and airport staff are vaccinated, with 53% of corporate staff vaccinated or have an appointment booked.

Passenger incentives

Both Qantas and Virgin are talking about providing incentives/rewards for those who are vaccinated.

Virgin is talking free business class flights and a million points giveaway, whereas Qantas is talking unlimited flights for a year for a winner in each state

2PAXfly Takeout

I will be happy to participate in any promotion that I qualify for that will give me free flights, or massive quantities of points and/or status credits. My arm has been jabbed, and my COVID Passport/Digital certificate is ready.

Bring it on!

The airline is also mulling whether to offer incentives to passengers to get vaccinated through its frequent-flyer arm – Qantas Frequent Flyer is one of the largest loyalty programs in Australia – something that its primary rival Virgin Australia is about to do with its VA-X program.

In June Virgin said it planned to give away free business class flights and 1 million Velocity frequent-flyer points. The promotion will open later in 2021, when all adults in Australia are eligible for vaccination.

Virgin Australia said at the time 65 per cent of its flight crews and airport teams had been vaccinated against COVID-19, while 52 per cent of its corporate teams were already vaccinated or had registered for appointments.

“Virgin Australia is supportive of a nationally consistent and government-led vaccine mandate for all airline employees connected with operational work,” a Virgin spokeswoman said.

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