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COVID-19: NSW to announce on or off lockdown tomorrow – Wednesday 7 July

COVID-19: NSW to announce on or off lockdown tomorrow – Wednesday 7 July

With 16 cases announced to day versus 36 yesterday, Gladys-Beryl Jiklian (you know this is a joke, right? – her actual name is Gladys Berejiklian), the New South Wales premier has committed to announcing whether the lockdown will finish as scheduled on Friday, or whether it will be extended or something in between.

She is predicting that “life will not look the same as it did before we went into lockdown”, which I think means there will be some ongoing restrictions, like restaurant capacity restrictions, masks on public transport etc.

The Premier is a minimalist when it comes to lockdowns, so if the medical advice indicates it should end on Friday, that is what she will go with.

Personally, I am predicting that the lockdown will either be extended for another week, or there will be substantial restrictions just short of a lockdown. I suppose, we could have a lockdown, but with more allowable reasons to leave home.

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I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

Parents really want to know if their kids will go back to school next week, so an announcement on Wednesday, instead of later in the week would be welcome.

Lets just all have more patience than some reporters at the press conference, and wait 24 hours until tomorrow.

In the meantime, wear a mask, social distance and get vaccinated.

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