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COVID-19: New Zealand travel bubble safe for NSW residents – for now

COVID-19:  New Zealand travel bubble safe for NSW residents – for now

With 4 cases of COVID-19 reported in New South Wales over the last few days, everyone is on tenterhooks again.

One case is questionable, and we will probably know more later today. One positive case was recently at the National Gallery in Canberra – classy, but also dangerous.

I have a double or even triple interest in this. I live in Sydney, NSW. I’m currently in Adelaide – so feel safe – and also a little cold and wet. And finally, and most importantly from a travel perspective – I’m scheduled to head over to New Zealand in the next few weeks.

“Really the indications we look for are the response of the Australian-based authorities. We stay in really close contact. If they have enough concern to impose restrictions or to themselves go into a form of lockdown, then we then respond at our border.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as quoted in the SMH

State Advisories

Meanwhile in Victoria, the 25 km travel restriction has been lifted, as has the wearing of masks outdoors. Stay safe.

If you are planning on travelling interstate, then check the appropriate state’s restrictions below. Some states are banning travellers who have been to any of the hot zones in NSW and Victoria has downgraded Sydney siders to the ‘orange’ zone. Rules could change as the NSW situation develops.

And if you are booked for New Zealand – then you better check here as well: New Zealand COVID-19 Travel Advice.

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

2PAXfly Takeout

Remembering that you can cancel and rebook any fares through to the end of February 2022, this offer is worth booking some speculative travel.

I usually value status credits over points, but triple points is a good deal. Anyway if a good bonus status credits deal comes up – I can always cancel my triple points booking and rebook using the credit to gain the the status deal. Sorry guys, you can’t combine deals.

Qantas didn’t come down in the last shower, so don’t expect this triple points deal to be giving you the best fare prices (I haven’t checked this), and the same applies to those double status points offers if they return. I have no inside knowledge, but a triple points offer, often comes just before a double status credits offer. Just sayin’.

Do not emulate me, who almost forgot to fill in an application for cross border travel to South Australia the other day. Check the links above at least a week out from travel, and file any applications required. Then keep checking until your date of travel, to avoid any ugly surprises.

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