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AIRPORTS: Western Sydney – Builder appointed

AIRPORTS: Western Sydney – Builder appointed

We have a concept plans; we have architects appointed (Cox Architecture and Zaha Hadid Architects) and now we have a builder (Multiplex) and final designs!

Everything is going well for the opening of the Western Sydney Airport in ‘late’ 2026.

View the promotional videos below which highlight the consultation with indigenous communities and the efficiency the terminal will offer for passengers, airlines, staff and energy.

“Flying from Western Sydney International will be fast, easy and seamless.

“For airlines, our terminal will be all about operational efficiency and reliability, providing an environment where passengers arrive at the aircraft feeling relaxed and ready to fly.”

“A connection to Country will be reflected across both the departures and arrivals, ensuring the terminal has an authentic sense of place in Dharug country.”

“A climate responsive façade with ample shading and high-performance glass will ensure less energy is needed to keep the terminal at a comfortable temperature all year round.”

Simon Hickey, Western Sydney Airport CEO

We saw preliminary concept designs about two years ago, but now it has all been developed to finals, presumably since they have levelled the land and dug the hole under the proposed terminal building.

So below are the renderings starting with the previous versions, and then followed by todays:

2019 rendering
2021 Rendering – not quite as elegant ?

Note the straight poles rather than the curves in the 2019 rendering. Also interestingly, the 2019 rendering was of the baggage hall, and the 2021 rendering is of the shopping and dining area. So that would be because the airport will be a destination in itself! Where’s the DFO?

2019 Rendering
2020 Rendering – logo gone

And below, feast on the promotional videos from the Airport …

… and from the ABC, which is all about the flight paths

The Western Sydney Airport Terminal construction is scheduled to commence at the end of 2021 on a 1,780 hectare site, with an opening date for international and domestic passenger services and air cargo in late 2026.

2PAXfly Takeout

Well, I did predict this would happen soon, and it looks like they left it until the beginning of 2023 to make the announcements.

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