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COVID-19: Melbourne – fifth case brings restrictions and masks

COVID-19: Melbourne – fifth case brings restrictions and masks

Melbourne is increasing the severity of its precautions to prevent any further spread after the 5th case of COVID-19 was discovered. These include mask-wearing, limits on gatherings, and additional exposure sites have been added. You can find the new restrictions and sites listed here.

If you have visited a Tier 1 exposure site during the times listed, you need to get tested and self isolate for 14 days from the date of exposure. For information contact the Department of Health on 1300 651 160.

The new restrictions will be in place until at least 4 June.

The risk is that there is a chain of infection yet to be discovered. Hopefully genetic testing will assist with determining the path of the spread.

The current Melbourne outbreak is of the ‘Indian’ variant.

Travelling to NSW

If you are travelling from Melbourne to NSW, expect to be questioned about your movements and whether you have visited any of the exposure sites.

Travelling to other states

Check the covid site of the state you are travelling to, as things seem to be changing today.

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