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QANTAS: have they stopped featuring the hateful SKYNEWS in their lounges?

QANTAS: have they stopped featuring the hateful SKYNEWS in their lounges?

I’m in Adelaide, awaiting my flight to Melbourne on my way back to Sydney (long way round because: Double Status Credits!).

I just glanced up at the TV monitors while waiting for my butter chicken and cheese plate.

Notice anything different?

Yes, that’s right, no more hateful Murdoch owned SkyNews on the TV. All the monitors have been changed to ABC News.

I’m wondering if this is a network wide change, or just an Adelaide aberration.

2PAXfly Takeout

The aviation industry has a difficult road ahead when it comes to sustainability. It’s going to require a relative revolution in technology, with ‘electric planes’ or hydrogen planes, or some form of jet engine that doesn’t require a carbon based fuel. And that is going to require the development of an alternative to jet engines probably.

It’s a big ask. It will take time to develop.

This move to home grown and manufactured SAF is a first step – maybe even a baby step in a very long road of innovation. In the long run, US$200 million won’t even touch the sides.

I hope its network wide, so I no longer have to endure the space-cadet, gender abusing, homephobic, conspiracy theory mongering Sky after Dark while trying to work or relax in a Qantas lounge.

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