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Alaska Airlines: New 80s inspired safety Dance promo

Alaska Airlines: New 80s inspired safety Dance promo

Talk about lighter than air, but we all deserve a good distraction in these times.

Here’s something to give you a dose of joy for at least a minute.

The promo resurrects the 1982 Men Without Hats single “Safety Dance,” casting 10 real Alaska Airlines employees promoting the safety measures that make up Alaska’s ‘Next-Level Care’.

2PAXfly Takeout

If you are planning trans-Tasman or international travel in the next 12 months – and who isn’t? – then this is a great way to earn Gold with Air New Zealand, and for getting gold recognition on 26 Star Alliance members from Singapore Airlines and Thai to Asiana, ANA and Lufthansa.

Air New Zealand fares appear significantly lower than Qantas at the moment, in most classes, so why not save some money, and match your status? You will also travel on either their 787 or brand new A321neo’s compared to Qantas A330’s where you might have to endure the flying kangaroo’s business suite product (ironic yuk!)

It seems like it’s status match nirvana at the moment.

Back to work everyone. You’ve had your fun.

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