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COVID-19: South Australians can visit Western Australia for Christmas

COVID-19: South Australians can visit Western Australia for Christmas

Western Australia has announced that it will open its border to South Australia for quarantine free travel from one minute past midnight on Christmas morning 25 December 2020!

South Australia has been re-classified as ‘very low risk’.

So you can still catch a flight from Adelaide to Perth and get yourself there for a late lunch!

Qantas flights and fares

2 direct, and a bunch with one stop. I’ve only included the ones that till get you there before dinner time.

Mind you the prices are pretty steep, with the lowest being via Sydney (not a good idea at the moment because of northern beaches outbreak) at AU$604 one-way. Cheapest direct is AU$1149, unless you want to arrive in time for an evening meal where the cost will be AU$720.

Virgin Australia

Only 2 flights, 1 direct and one via Sydney and its only the indirect flight that will get you there for lunch.

Virgin Australia prices are worse, with a lunchtime arriving indirect flight setting you back AU$989, or AU$469 if you are aiming for the evening.


The indirect flight to get you there by lunchtime is sold out.

If you wanna go with Jetstar, you are probably already too late, with only 3 seats left at the time of writing. As usual the cost is almost the same as on Qantas, but on Jetstar you get less! They only have overnight flights or ones that get you there for dinner available.

2PAXfly Takeout

I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

Well its good for the WA Premier to open the borders, but it would have been even more appealing if he had opened a day or two earlier, so that travellers could actually get to Perth in WA well ahead of Christmas lunch.

Mind you there is no good news for NSW residents. We still can’t enter WA unless we serve 14 days quarantine.

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