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COVID-19: Western Australia finally lifts domestic border restrictions

COVID-19: Western Australia finally lifts domestic border restrictions

As of next Tuesday (8 December 2020), Western Australia is allowing the populations of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria to travel to the state without completing 14 days or self-quarantine, according to the State Premier Mark McGowan.

With both NSW (24 days) and Victoria very close to reaching 28 days without a community transmitted case of COVID-19, they can now join the rest of Australia in visiting WA, bar South Australia. South Australians were allowed to visit WA up until the recent cluster emerged around a Woodville Pizza restaurant, traced back to security and other staff at the Peppers Waymouth Hotel in Adelaide.

Those arriving will however have to agree to a health screening and a COVID-19 test if requested by a monitoring health professional.

2PAXfly Takeout

This means that as a Sydney-sider, I can visit anywhere across Australia as of next Tuesday. Yippee!

Watch how quickly Qantas, and Virgin Australia schedule flights! Will they be on 737’s or on the A330’s with lie flat beds that used to populate the route? Well, not on Virgin Australia, anyway, since the reborn airline has ditched its Airbus planes.

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