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Qantas: Domestic catering on the improve

Qantas: Domestic catering on the improve

But don’t get too excited. Its not like they have re-introduced alcoholic beverages in economy or anything.

Yesterday’s fight (9 Nov. 2020) between Adelaide and Sydney had improved catering. Last flight there was only Coke regular, and some extruded potato product in a snack bag.

This flight we got actual cheese and biscuits, and they had Coke Zero, or No Sugar, or whatever the marketers are calling Coke without sugar now.

a package of face masks on a seat

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I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

I said to not get too excited. The flight was back to pre-COVID-19 occupancy levels, a bit over 2/3 full. I got a spare middle seat between my aisle and the business person seated by the window in row 6. Mask wearing was about the same, with all cabin crew and nearly all passengers wearing their face coverings.

Back to normal? Not quite – still need to register to travel to South Australia and pass through a police checkpoint on arrival.

It won’t be back to normal until full drinks service is re-instated on Qantas!

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