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QANTAS: buy a used, fully stocked 747 galley cart

QANTAS: buy a used, fully stocked 747 galley cart

SOLD OUT of both full and half bar carts – before 5pm AEST

Today, Qantas gives you the chance to buy 1000 Qantas 747 galley carts stocked with champagne, Australian red and white wine, Tim Tams, PJs and and First Class Sheridan throw.

These carts come from the airline’s recently retired 747 aircraft before they were retired, and sent off to the airline graveyard. Qantas bid farewell to its last Qantas 747 in July

“These pre-loved carts served Qantas and our customers well during their world travels from London and Los Angeles to Singapore and Santiago, with each one averaging around 2,000 flights. While we no longer have use for them, they still have life in them, especially for those with an appreciation for aviation collectables and an eye for design.

Phil Capps, Qantas Executive Manager of Product and Service

What you get in the half cart

  • Qantas 747 half bar cart
  • 40 mini bottles white wine and 40 of red wine & 1 bottle of Champagne from the Business class
  • 2 Qantas Business Class amenity kit featuring ASPAR Travel Essentials
  • 1 Sheridan throw made for Qantas First Class, 100% combed cotton
  • 2 Qantas Business Class sleeper suits M/L & L/XL

Half bar will set you back AU$974.70 with delivery or 169,000 Qantas Points.

What you get in a full cart

You may wish to go the whole hog, and buy one of the small number of full-size carts available with double the items for $1474.70 with delivery or 256,000 Qantas Points. Included delivery is confined too metropolitan locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The Qantas 747 carts will be on sale today via

2PAXfly Takeout

I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

Would I love a used Qantas galley trolly = YES!

Will I pay close to AU$1,500 = NO! – OK, I’m thinking about it. Oh dear, left it too late.

If you want one of these – I suggest you get in quick.

Call me a tight wad, but given the mass beaching of Jumbo’s going on in the Californian plane boneyard, I think there might be a bit of a flooded market.

Actually, when a trawled the internet – these look like a good idea. Empty half-sized carts are going for more on Etsy and Border Bar, and that’s without the delivery.

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