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COVID-19: South Australia and New South Wales/ACT border to re-open soon? [UPDATE]

COVID-19: South Australia and New South Wales/ACT border to re-open soon? [UPDATE]

Various outlets have been reporting that re-opening the NSW and SA border was discussed at this mornings South Australian Transmission Committee which includes key health and emergency services officials.

It’s just been announced that the border with NSW will NOT be opened yet, but that the air-border with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) WILL be opened. So if you are in the ACT, you have to pre-register online but you can enter South Australia by direct flight without going into 14 days of quarantine. This only applies to flyers. If you drive to SA from the ACT, then – its 14 days in quarantine

Premier Stephen Marshall has said he is eager to open the border to those travelling for business and family reunions at the earliest opportunity. However, despite rumours saying it could be as soon as today (Tuesday 15 September), 7News is reporting that SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said while a border announcement wouldn’t be made on Tuesday, he hoped a decision would be made “in the next day or two”.


We now have the Commissioner Grant Stevens saying that SA/NSW border will not open for the foreseable future until there are virtually no community transmissions in NSW.

‘Commissioner Grant Stevens said that for the “foreseeable future”, people travelling from New South Wales will still be required to serve the 14-day quarantine period.

He said that there would ideally need to be no community transmission in NSW for at least 14 days for SA to relax border restrictions with that state.’ABC News online

Qantas Schedules

Interestingly, Qantas – or more correctly Jetstar schedules suddenly increase from one flight a day from Sydney to Adelaide in September:

a screenshot of a website

. . . to 4 direct Jetstar flights per day come the 1st of October:

a screenshot of a website

Now, this might just be a scheduling thing, and those flights could disappear, but on the other hand, maybe Qantas is predicting the borders will be opened as of October.

We shall see.

2PAXfly Takeout

As most of you know, I have family in Adelaide, South Australia, and it is my city of birth. I have had family business there in the last couple of months, and have not been able to visit there myself, without doing 14 days of quarantine. I have had to rely on other family members who have been able to travel to conduct our business.

I will be on a plane to Adelaide, pretty much as soon as they open the border, but that won’t be this week.

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