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FLIGHTS: I just booked a flight! How crazy is that?

FLIGHTS: I just booked a flight! How crazy is that?

I did something that at the moment is very unusual, but about 6 months ago, was extremely common. I booked some flights on an a-e-r-o-p-l-a-n-e !

No, its not international – because we Australians are not allowed to do that at the moment.

No, its not interstate – because every state in Australia has its borders closed to anyone from New South Wales – unless you want to spend 14 nights in quarantine.

Yes, its on an aircraft.

Yes, its a regional flight.

Yes, its with Qantas, because I need to get to my 4 qualifying flights to maintain my status and points.

I’m not telling you where until closer to the time. Try October.

an airplane with rows of seats

2PAXfly Takeout

I’m so excited!

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