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#TBT: Throw back Thursday to start next week

#TBT: Throw back Thursday to start next week
Series: #TBT

I’ve been thinking about how to provide you, my faithful/promiscuous readers, with some actual travel content, like hotel and flight reviews, now that we can’t travel.

Well, while I was out walking on this beautiful sunny day in Sydney, the thought occurred to me, that I have quite a collection of images from past travel, dating from before I took detailed notes of each hotel stay and flight.

Why let them go to waste without sharing them with you, I thought.

Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India

Not detailed reviews

These will be recollections, written from my memory, rather than thoughtful reviews drawn from my detailed notes taken contemporaneously. I suspect they may be a bit more snarky than my usual reviews. Time tends to harden ones views!

And they might be filled with more anecdotes than usual, as again that is what stays in the memory.

I havn’t decided about giving review scores yet, but I think I will. It crystalises thoughts, and I hope gives you a guide to the standards of service.

A Qantas ‘Spife’, or a ‘Knoon’? February 2014

Where to start?

I think I might head back in time to 2014 when I had my first trip to India. Probably not flight reviews, as I don’t seem to have any images of the Jet Airways flights – which is a pity as they ceased operations in 2019, but some hotel reviews including the Imperial in New Delhi (the hero image for this post).

Expect photos and recollections then. I hope you enjoy.

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