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Air New Zealand: a threat to those not self-distancing on board

Air New Zealand:  a threat to those not self-distancing on board

The airline will reportedly make passengers who don’t obey social distancing guidelines on board, watch the controversial rap safety video from 2018, which was withdrawn after various critics called it embarrassing.

Let’s face it, it is embaressing, if still amusing.

And I particularly love the line used about tightening the fit of your life jacket:

“Make sure its tight like my arse and safety raps.”

Air New Zealand ’80’s Safety Rap

Air New Zealand has a history of making great safety videos. If you have a few minutes in isolation, here are a couple for you to enjoy:

More Hollywood:

And of course the Lord of the Rings . . .

Not as good, but certainly with a conservation message, here is their latest video:

2PAXfly Takeout

Remembering that you can cancel and rebook any fares through to the end of February 2022, this offer is worth booking some speculative travel.

I usually value status credits over points, but triple points is a good deal. Anyway if a good bonus status credits deal comes up – I can always cancel my triple points booking and rebook using the credit to gain the the status deal. Sorry guys, you can’t combine deals.

Qantas didn’t come down in the last shower, so don’t expect this triple points deal to be giving you the best fare prices (I haven’t checked this), and the same applies to those double status points offers if they return. I have no inside knowledge, but a triple points offer, often comes just before a double status credits offer. Just sayin’.

Hope you enjoyed this Wednesday break, brought to you by Air New Zealand Safety Videos

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