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Velocity Points: Transfer to Krisflyer suspended, and Gift Cards limited to one per day

Velocity Points: Transfer to Krisflyer suspended, and Gift Cards limited to one per day

It is almost universally accepted if you play the airline loyalty game, that paying for or upgrading flights is the best use of your hard-earned miles and points. But how useful is this if the airline you have frequent flyer points with will possibly fail during the COVID-19 crisis?

A lot of Velocity members don’t seem to be confident about the long term survival of Virgin Australia. It looks like a lot of members have been trying to extract the value of their Velocity points in the form of Store Gift cards (not great value) or transferring their points from Velocity to the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer program.

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Well that is my interpretation since Velocity has now limited Gift Card redemptions with Velocity points to one gift card per person per day, and has suspended the transfer of Velocity points to the Singapore Airlines Krysflyer program.

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2PAXfly Takeout

Sounds like consumers are already showing what they think of Virgin Australia’s possibility of survival if my premise is that these restrictions on Gift Card redemptions and Krisflyer transfers are correct. That premise is that Velocity has been inundated with Gift Card redemptions – which they admit, and transfers to KrisFlyer, which they don’t.

I, now smugly, must admit that I have already transferred my small balance of Velocity Points to Krysflyer, and apologise to you gentle reader that it took me until today to work on the final draft of a post about what to do with your Velocity points if you are worried about Virgin Australia floundering.

The crowning advice of that post was going to be – transfer your points to Krisflyer – a possibility no longer available.

My apologies again.

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