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Virgin Australia: Status Credits Guide update

Virgin Australia: Status Credits Guide update

One year status extension

Earlier, Virgin Australia announced a status extension for Velocity Silver Gold and Platinum frequent flyer scheme members. It has now matched Qantas’s status extension of one year at frequent flyer members current status.

This is on top of Virgin Australia’s announcement of ‘gift’ status credits rolled out over three months. For some members, they will not only retain their current status but depending on their status credit balance and the three months of gift status credits, they could even improve their status.

Virgin Australia will also waive the minimum flight requirement (normally two legs) – also matching the Qantas announcement.

Mind you, with the suspension of all international flights and a cut of 50% to domestic capacity, not to mention Virgin Australia’s partner airlines also abandoning the Australian market, for the time being, you might be hard-pressed to earn any status credits by flying. Those partners include Delta, Hawaiian, and Virgin Atlantic amongst others.

2PAXfly Takeout

This makes Qantas and Virgin Australia a bit matchy-matchy when it comes to status extensions, although Virgin Australia does win by a whisker with their ‘gift’ points. Good for those left flying, and there are precious few of those!

I’m currently on a Qantas domestic flight, which you would be hard-pressed to call a quarter full.

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