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COVID-19: Australian Prime Minister: reconsider all non-essential overseas travel

COVID-19: Australian Prime Minister: reconsider all non-essential overseas travel

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has urged all Australians to reconsider non-essential overseas travel.

His request applies to all overseas travel to what classifies as “level 3 travel advice” countries. Level 3 advice is ‘Reconsider your need to travel’.

“This is done to protect their health and to limit their exposure, given we have so many countries now that are affected by the coronavirus. Only essential travel should be considered if you are going overseas from this point forward, and we would encourage Australians to heed that advice.”

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

This follows a general ban on gatherings of >500 people that will be applied in Australia from Monday 16 March.

The Prime Minister (Scott Morrison) made the statement at a press conference following the Council of Australian Government’s meeting in Sydney on Friday afternoon (13 March 2020).

He said slowing the transmission of the virus would help the national health system better handle the increasing demands as the virus spreads.

“There was growing evidence, as we were receiving, particularly over the course of the day, of greater community transmission of the coronavirus throughout Australia.

We will be meeting again on Sunday to consider that further advice on the implementation of those arrangements, and we will provide further advice at that point once those recommendations have been considered.”Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

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This is a good move in terms of holding the COVID-19 infection rate at bay. Bad news for travellers, airlines, hotels and the travel industry in general.

Bad news for my trip to Bali.

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