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Qantas: Nostalgic new safety video for Centenary celebration

Qantas: Nostalgic new safety video for Centenary celebration

To celebrate the centenary of the airline Qantas has released a nostalgic, patriotic safety video.

a hand holding a phone
An aeroplane mode on a brick phone from the ’90s?

It’s rather charming, makes me choke up slightly with the ‘still call Australia home’ soundtrack, and amuses with the little ironies of delivering contemporary safety instructions about things that didn’t exist then (e-cigarettes), or aren’t possible now, but were then (smoking on planes

There is an interesting note about diversity and respect in the safety video, along with some vision of ethnically diverse, and differently dressed passengers in this video. The flight attendant appeals to us to help create a:

“safe respectful and positive environment for everyone.”

Qantas safety video
a group of people in uniform
Are those ID’s correct for the era?

The video also includes requests to collect spare change in any currency to assist in Qantas Staff’s charitable works – a request that until now has been done verbally over the PA on domestic and international flights.

a person holding a box of playing cards
Ahhhh the nostalgia of smoking on the Captain Cook deck of a Qantas 747.

The production team spent months researching information from the national archives, aviation museums. They also used photographs and artefacts from the extensive Qantas Heritage collection to perfect the details of each scene, from original life jackets to the wall panels from retired aircraft that were retrieved from the Mojave Desert.

From the Press Release
a room with couches and chairs

OK, I’ll give a prize to the first person who can sight an historical inaccuracy! The prize will be an unused amenity pack! But not Qantas.

a woman in a green jacket

2PAXfly Takeout

I like this video, especially for its planes, cabins and uniforms down the ages. Unfortunately, I think it will get a bit annoying after viewing a few times. That will be unfortunate, especially if they plan to use if for the entire centenary year!

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