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News: Iran admits launching missile that downed PS752

News: Iran admits launching missile that downed PS752

In a brave move, Iran has admitted that it mistakenly launched the missile that downed Ukranian Airlines flight 752 from Tehran to Kyiv, killing 176 passengers and crew. I say ‘brave’ to distinguish Iran from the cowardly Russians, and Russian supporting Ukrainians who downed MH17 and still deny their involvement.

Iran’s reasons might be self-interest – they were never going to get away with the denials to their own people, with the weight of international evidence against them, but at least investigators won’t have to work with denialists. Although they will have to endure a badly corrupted crime scene apparently.

You can read 2PAXfly previous coverage here, here and here.


The New York Times, as usual, has an excellent story on the assassination of a General that started all of this, that is worth reading.

They also have coverage on what might have been the decider for Iran to come clean.

You may need to sign up to read these NYT articles. If that’s the case try the Guardian.

2PAXfly Takeout

Forgive the scant analysis here, and the referral to other sources. I have been called away from my 2PAXfly duties to attend to some family matters, and haven’t had the time to gather my thoughts on this significant event. But I didn’t want it to go uncovered.

My preoccupation with family matters may extend through this week, so my apologies in advance if coverage is not as much or as thorough as usual.

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