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Brexit: Australia doesn’t want post-Brexit UK freeloaders

Brexit: Australia doesn’t want post-Brexit UK freeloaders

Ok, the headline is harsh, but apparently, even though the BoJo (Boris Johnson) led conservative government of the United Kingdom seems quite keen on negotiating a visa-free work and travel arrangement between the United Kingdom and Australia, our Trade Minister, Simon Birmingham is not quite so keen.

Just like the Brexiteers don’t want with Europeans, Australia doesn’t want the pommy’s roaming around our fair bushfire ravaged country with:

“full and unfettered free movement”

Australian Trade Minister, Simon Birmingham to the Sydney Morning Herald

As the Sydney Morning Herald remarks:

‘A largely foreign concept in Australia, free movement could unleash significant economic and social consequences, including a possible exodus of highly trained workers to the UK and influx of unskilled Brits to Sydney and Melbourne.

a man standing in front of an airplane

Post-Brexit trade and immigration arrangements

Australia has committed itself to closer ties via a Trade agreement with the United Kingdom after Brexit, and with a year before that is scheduled to happen, Simon and his British equivalent have a lot to do. A year may seem like a long time, but with most trade pacts taking 3 to 5 years of negotiation, it is merely the blink of an eye.

2PAXfly Takeout

If we weren’t internationalists around here, we’d probably say something like:

‘Yerrrr Pommy’s, Europe doesn’t want you and neither do we. Keep your post-Brexit riff-raff off our doorsteps. ‘

What we would say if we were isolationists at 2PAXfly

Maybe we should build a wall?


  1. fn0

    Why say there might be an “exodus of highly trained workers to the UK and influx of unskilled Brits to Sydney and Melbourne” instead of an “exodus of highly trained workers from the UK and an influx of unskilled Aussies to London”. In reality the most probable outcome would be neither of these, but a more balanced flow. For an individual considering a move to or from either, there are many pros and cons to consider.

    • 2paxfly

      Your point is absolutely valid. Remember I am quoting an Australian paper there, the Sydney Morning Herald. Thanks for your comment.


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