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Boeing: 737 Max production suspended

Boeing: 737 Max production suspended

With the suspension of this plane from flying, Boeing has a bit of a storage problem. It has kept on producing the jets for the last 10 months, without the ability to fly them commercially.

Apparently there are about 400 of them lounging around waiting to be called into service.

a round brown and white cheesecake

No Surprise

Well on the grounds that they are going to run out of bench space if they keep on baking these uneaten cakes, Boeing is suspending production from January.

None of the bakers (engineers) will lose their jobs either. Not necessarily true for the flour, sugar, butter and milk suppliers and other contributing industries though.

2PAX Takeout

This is going to cost Boeing a fortune! They can redeploy some of their workforce, but it sounds like quite a few will be sent on gardening leave for the duration.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Will Boeing survive this? Is it too big to fail? Meanwhile, it seems that the nails are getting very close to the coffin.

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