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Qantas: Project Sunrise – 30% premium to fly direct

Qantas: Project Sunrise – 30% premium to fly direct

Qantas is expecting to be able to charge a 30% Premium on Project Sunrise non-stop fares according to Alan Joyce as reported in Et. That’s quite a premium!

Actually, that’s not dissimilar to the premium Qantas currently charges for non-stop flights to London out of Perth, with an East coast start. It depends on what class and the fare type you choose. On some flex fares, there is no difference, but on Saver fares, say in business, the percentage can be more like 33%.

London Direct Project Sunrise fare prices

At current prices, with a 30% premium, that would mean to get to London on QF1 (based on April 2020 ‘Saver’ airfares) direct you would be looking at a one-way cost of:

  • Economy AU$1,543 (AU$1,088+30%)
  • Premium Economy AU$3,365 (AU$2,326+30% – flex fare)
  • Business AU$8,828 (AU$6,791+30%)
  • First AU$12,504 (AU$11,253+30%)

New York Direct Project Sunrise fare prices

On fares to New York out of Sydney via Los Angeles in April 2020, based on ‘saver’ one-way fair:

  • Economy AU$1,473 (AU$1,133+30%)
  • Premium Economy AU$4,374 (AU$3,365+30% – flex fare)
  • Business AU$6,049 (AU$4,653+30%)
  • First AU$11,379 (AU$8,753+30%)

Remember these are one-way prices. Return fares are not always double, they can be more, or there may be a ‘Sale’ fare available for the return, but I figure that a one-way fare gives you a bit of an idea of the overall possible cost.

a map of the world with planes

Airbus and Boeing – get an eraser and change those prices and conditions – again

Qantas is also reported to have rejected the 2nd round proposal from both aircraft suppliers for the metal to be used on the Sunrise Route, with Alan Joyce – the CEO repeating again his mantra about not going ahead with the project unless the figures add up.

Now I know this is all likely to be a negotiation tactic with both the potential plane suppliers and the respective unions that need to agree to changed conditions. But it does also add weight to the suspicion that this is primarily a publicity project, and secondarily a direct ultra long haul project. I’m feeling a decision delay coming on. Are you?

2PAXfly Takeout

Although I would love to travel directly to New York from Sydney, I remain unconvinced that Project Sunrise is a real possibility in the timeframe mooted by Qantas.

My suspicion is that it is a way to get the best deal out of the two plane manufacturers for a range of product Qantas intends to order over the next few years. The Research Flights give Qantas a great worldwide publicity bonus, and although the ultra-long-haul flights would be a feather in Qantas’s cap, their overall strategy doesn’t depend on them.

I won’t be holding my breath for Project Sunrise to actually launch, but I will be first in the queue to try and get me a premium seat on the first flight!


How very dare you!

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