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Qantas: Priority Boarding – Any improvement?

Qantas: Priority Boarding – Any improvement?

Last week I reported on proposed changes to Qantas boarding procedure to actually give Premium passengers what they are promised in the Qantas Status handbook – priority boarding.

I flew Sydney to Adelaide yesterday and saw little change in the procedure. However, it should be noted that Sydney Airport was closed for a half-hour during an electrical storm and all Qantas flights seemed delayed by a half an hour or longer. Regular announcements were made in the Business Lounge for passengers travelling without checked luggage, to volunteer to move to an earlier flight.

What happened

They did make what I think is a different boarding announcement which included priority queue members, and they did commence priority boarding with one attendant, while not staffing the standard boarding queue. But that only lasted for a few minutes, and then the standard queue was staffed, and basically boarding looked like it did before the new policy.

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2PAXfly Takeout

New policy/procedure, but no practical change.

This was day 2 of the policy, and there were delays, so I will reserve my judgement on this new initiative and wait and see if anything changes on my return journey in a days time.

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