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Qantas: New First Lounge Singapore to open on December 2

Qantas: New First Lounge Singapore to open on December 2

Executive Traveller is reporting that an invitation has been issued for the opening of the new Qantas First Lounge in Singapore on 2 December 2019. Obviously, yet again, my invitation got lost in the mail.

a woman standing in a lobby

First Lounge number 5

This will be the fifth First Lounge for Qantas adding to the list of:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Singapore


Qantas has been running a combined premium lounge in Singapore Terminal 1 since 2011 with a capacity of 460 passengers in Singapore for some time. Recently it squeezed in another 40 seats to bring the capacity up to 500. But with Singapore returning as the main transit point between Australia and London for Qantas A380 flights, rather than Dubai under the Emirates alliance, traffic to this lounge has increased.

Patrons have been complaining of overcrowding since there are three A380 flights (from Melbourne, Sydney and London) arriving/departing around the same 8 to 11 pm time period.

This new lounge will have a capacity of 240 patrons, which will accommodate the up to 42 first-class A380 passengers per day, as well as OneWorld Emerald frequent flyers.

Singapore has become the hub for the ‘kangaroo’ route to London, and is its largest foreign layover destination. At the moment they run 7 daily flights through Changi Airport:

  • 1 to Brisbane (A330)
  • 1 to London (A380)
  • 2 to Melbourne (A380 & A330)
  • 1 to Perth (A330)
  • 2 to Sydney (A380 & A330)

The only London route that doesn’t transit through this airport is the ‘direct’ 787 flight out of Perth to London.

a room with people sitting in chairs


The new lounge will have the usual:

  • Cocktail Bar
  • Dining Room
  • Lounge Areas
  • Work Areas
  • Area capable of being reserved for Chairman’s Lounge and Platinum One and other VIP members
  • Showers

There will not be a spa.

Neil Perry will be the name behind a selection of Asian inspired dishes for the dining area. David Coan has supervised design of the space.

a restaurant with tables and chairs

Who gets in?

Access rules will be the same as they are for other Qantas First Lounges:

  • Qantas First Class passengers
  • Oneworld First Class passengers
  • Oneworld Emerald members travelling on a Oneworld flight
  • Qantas Platinum and Platinum One Frequent Flyer members
  • Chairman’s Club members (Qantas highest frequent flyer level, invitation only)

Qantas recently announced paid access to their LAX First Lounge for AU$215. It’s not known if it will be offering something similar in Singapore.

a woman sitting in a lobby

Where is it, and when will it open?

The new First Lounge in Singapore will be located in Terminal 1 near the C Gates (the Business lounge is close to the D gates). Opening times have not been announced, but expect it to be open the same hours as the Business Louonge, so something like 2:30 pm through to 11 pm (with seasonal adjustments) or until QF1 departs for London around midnight.

a diagram of a train
Qantas Business is in T1 near the ‘D’ gates, First Lounge near the ‘C’ gates

2PAXfly Takeout

Qantas First lounges are some of the best lounges internationally, so this is a great addition. I am a big fan of the Marc Newson designed First lounge in Sydney, but not quite as big a fan of the David Caon design aesthetic as experienced in the Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne domestic Business lounges.

I don’t see the lack of a spa as a big downside. The quality of the food and service will really be the test of this new Singapore Lounge.

The Question will be – will it rival Singapore Airlines Private Room? Contrary to others’ opinions (One Mile at a time – I’m talking to you), I quite like.

Oh, and Qantas publicity, I’ll be checking my Post Office box today, and I hope my invite is waiting for me!

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