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Qantas Companion Sale – dive in before 28 October 2019

Qantas Companion Sale – dive in before 28 October 2019

Qantas tends to bombard with sales and specials – usually things like wine, or overpriced points redemptions for questionable electronics.

But sometimes, they actually send me something I’m interested in, like discounted premium airfares.

Premium Fares

If you only travel in discount economy, then stop reading now. You really do have better things to do, like counting your spare change or saving for a rainy day or being fiscally responsible or collecting leftover string.

This sale only applies to . . .

  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class
  • First Class

If you are not involved in that game, what are you even doing here?

Companion Fares

Now this category of ‘sale’ fare relies on you buying two or more tickets rather than one – so it is fairly firmly targeting the leisure market rather than the corporate.

Having said that, there are no discounts for the little ones. I mean children, not fur babies.

Reduced Price?

These days we are all conditioned to take the lowest price as the average price, and I’m not immune to that. Initially, I didn’t think these fares were discounted much. What’s AU$500 between friends? ‘A couple of nights in a good hotel’ is the answer. So I needed to dig a little deeper before I was convinced there were real savings to be had.

Here are some examples – all out of Sydney, because you can never overestimate self-interest.

a screenshot of a website

Are you feeling a little nostalgic about these fares? Like you saw them a few years ago? Well, you are forgiven. The prices are as if they came from another time. That Santiago Business fare is less then we paid about a year ago.

And here are a few more, including domestic!

a screenshot of a website

Although, why would you buy a business fare to Melbourne? Because you can!

Restricted Dates

You are going to need to be flexible with this, as dates for the companion sale specials are limited, but differ for different routes. If you have some flexibility in your flying you can benefit from this sale best.

Restricted seats

This is not open slather. There are seats allocated to this sale on various flights on various routes. Once they are sold out, they are gone. Another reason to act quickly.

2PAXfly Takeout

This sale won’t be for everyone, but if you were intending to travel in premium, know your approximate dates, have some flexibility, and are tied to Qantas by loyalty, or you just like them, this could be for you, but you need to decide quickly.

It’s true that you can find cheaper airfares for the same destination at the same time, but not so much on comparable airlines – unless you are OK with transitting through Hong Kong.

Let’s hope that ends well for everyone’s sake.

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